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Learning to Love Math

You’re One Step Away from Giving Your Child the Ultimate Advantage

Questions for You as a Parent

  • Are you frustrated that your child isn’t challenged at school?
  • Are you afraid your child won’t have confidence in math?
  • Are you tired of watching your child give up on word problems?
  • Are you worried that school won’t be enough to ensure your child’s success?
  • Are you exhausted from forcing your child to do extra math?

If so, you need Modern Learning Studio.

Proven Courses that Teach Kids to Think, Not Just Memorize
We’ve helped over 10,000 students learn to love math and science. Independent test results show that our students gain a year’s worth of math learning in just six months. Kids excel at Modern Learning Studio due to our highly trained teachers, proven curriculum, and fun environment.

“My daughter used to attend xxxx, but she didn’t like it. It was all repetition and I just didn’t see the value in it. I’ve been thrilled since we switched toModern Learning Studio . She loves coming to the classes and she even completes her Modern Learning Studio in the morning before I drop her off at school!” — Sathya

“I never felt like my kids we’re truly challenged in school – I was on the look out for an extra-curricular that was both challenging and fun!” — Mrs Huzair

“My daughter, Dinu, is a smart little girl, but she has always struggled with her confidence in math. Modern Learning Studio has changed the way she looks at the subject. Math is not only her best subject now, but also her favorite. She is the first one in class to raise her hand and wants more challenges from her teachers.” — Mother

I was in search of a program that would help my child understand herself, her fears, her emotions and her beauty and I found it with this amazing program... My daughter said you were great. Every time she came home from your class, she was full of energy and highly dynamic...She found that this Empowerment program taught her a lot about herself. The sessions were resourceful and Emily learned a lot from the sessions. Thank you Sir

I cannot express my gratitude enough to have found someone of your expertise to help our children flourish...Shama has gained so much confidence and is communicating her feelings more effectively. This program has helped her blossom into the beautiful being that she is ! We are so happy and proud of her progress. Programs like yours should be introduced in all schools. Bless you and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift with children!!

Features You Will Love

The 21st century requires a new kind of learner — not someone who can only answer by rote, but someone who can think and solve problems. At Modern Learning Studio, your child can gain confidence, get inspired, and learn to think rather than just memorize.

Proven Curriculum

Unlike traditional tutoring companies, Modern Learning Studio helps students excel by focusing on what schools don’t, like mental math, problem solving, engineering, computer programming, and chess.

The Perfect Complement to School

Our classes pick up where school leaves off. Our math classes teach strategies that complement what students learn in school and help them develop better number sense and problem solving skills. Most elementary and middle schools lack STEM classes, so Modern Learning Studio provides engineering, programming, problem solving, and chess classes for kids who have a natural passion in these areas.

Passionate Teachers & Small Classes

All of our teachers love math and have received additional math training. Our classes are limited to 10 students and are taught by a certified teacher and an assistant. Having two instructors enables us to appropriately challenge every child.

Rewards System

We’ve created a rewards system that’s based on gaining experience points, just like in a video game. Students gain points for positive behaviors and actions. They can level up to earn privileges and prizes. Our rewards system motivates students to strive for mastery.

Parent Feedback

View your child’s homework scores and classroom feedback from our teachers every single week. You’ll be able to log in to our web application at any time to view your child’s progress.

One-On-One Help When You Need It

All math classes include up to two hours a month of one-on-one tutoring. If your child ever struggles with a concept at Modern Learning Studio or at school, simply go online and schedule a 30 minute private session. We will get them back up to speed quickly and easily. No more battles over homework! 

Easy Make-ups and No Extra Fees

Missed a class? Simply find another one on the schedule and attend that class as a make-up. We know you’re busy so we make it easy for you to make up a class whenever you need to. Unlike other businesses, we don’t charge extra fees for add-ons. One simple monthly fee covers everything. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Whenever we’re about to make a decision, it’s natural to have questions. That’s why, we have a 100% money-back guarantee…so if your child tries the classes, does the work, and doesn’t love it, you can stop in and get a full refund anytime in the first 30 days

Get Started Today

It’s time for you to get started at give your child access to the best teachers, curriculum, and hands-on learning experiences around.

Simply book a complimentary 30 minute assessment. While your child completes the assessment, we can answer all your questions. We don’t believe in hard sales, so you can be assured that we’ll let you know if your child is a good fit for one of our programs.

Students can join any of our classes at any time so there is no reason not to schedule your assessment today.

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