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  • Entrepreneurship FOR Children

    If a child is asked about their career goals we hear them say Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, Lawyers or Pilots but how often do we hear them say Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship skills is one of the skills that could be developed very early in life that is not taught in schools.


    You’ve heard the saying, “It’s never too late.” but We say, “It’s never too early!” Even children can be introduced to basic business principles on how to start a business and how to become a successful entrepreneur.



    You want the best for the special child in your life. And right now that means mastering reading, writing, math, and social skills. But there's another skill that can have a tremendous positive influence on your child's life that is rarely taught at school or in the home: entrepreneurship.

    Entrepreneurship can equip your child with the skills to do amazing things... NOW, and as they grow into happy, successful adults. We invite you to discover how your child can learn entrepreneurship in a fun, friendly and effective way!

  • How It Works

    The Program is divided into the following Modules:


    Becoming a Kidpreneur


    My First Business


    My Business Plan 


    Growing My Business

  • Programme Content

    Through Kidpreneur, children learn entrepreneurship with a great emphasis on developing vocational skills while having fun. Kidpreneur teaches children to create real life products and turn them into a real business.

    This is a unique program incorporating both vocational and entrepreneurship skills, designed specifically for young developing minds. It provides essential skills that are unfortunately not catered for under the conventional school curriculum. Kidpreneurs play and learn, uncovering their hidden abilities and talents through practical and vocational subjects.

    aGE gROUP: 8-15 YEARS

    A curriculum based tool designed to unleash the potential each child has to create better opportunities for the future.


    The structured curriculum includes:


    Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Business Basics


    Design & Bring out Your Entrepreneurship Idea


    Meet The Entrepreneur & go on Field Trips to stimulating locations


    Pitch Your Idea: Tell Us About It!


    Kidpreneur Expo! Parents & Community Members Are Invited To See The Awesome Businesses We've Worked On All Week!

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