• Build Confidence In Your Child Through Hands-on Learning

    children are meant to learn through play. when children are actively engaged in hands-on, interactive learning activities, their creativity flourishes and they show a greater interest in school. at kryator we help your child grow up with a thirst for knowledge.

  • Kryator - Coding for Children

    Computer programming teaches students to develop algorithms to solve problems, recognize simple and complex patterns and data analysis skills. These skills are applicable to nearly any subject. Students who learn this way of thinking begin to see relationships between different subjects as well as in life.

  • Coding

    Help your kid to unleash their creative potential by enrolling to our fun filled 5 junior code camp. This will give them a unique opportunity to learn, create, collaborate and sharpen their critical thinking skills while having fun developing exciting animations, games, and interesting stories using ScratchJr, the worlds #1 programming platform designed by MIT , especially for kids.

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