• Enroll your child today at sri lanka’s first ever child-centred Pre-School.

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    Reading development program for kids

    Learning to read is fun and easy when you get off to the right start. Children who develop a strong foundation in beginning phonics feel confident and experience success as they learn how to read

  • Public Speaking for Children

    Every child has a dream, every child has a message and every child is our future. Slowly holding their hands, we guide them to speak confidently and express themselves on stage.
    When they are on stage, they share with us their dreams, their ideas and their future goals.
    Modern Learning Studio presents to you our Children's Public Speaking Program and we are delighted to have touched the lives of many children through our program.


    Limited Time Offer !!

    Parent Orientation Session and Free Learning Assessment

    Reserve now /Call 077 36 46 567

  • “My son has improved his attitude towards maths. He has told me that Mo Math has been a fun way to complete maths problems. He also loves the fact that he is able to work with others from around the world.”


  • Special features of the Centre:

    Modern Learning Studio - Modern Learning Lab & Modern Educational Tools

    Modern Learning Lab & Modern Educational Tools

    Modern Learning Studio - Individual attention

    Individual attention

    Modern Learning Studio - Personalized & Internationally recognized curriculum

    Personalized & Internationally recognized curriculum

    Modern Learning Studio - Age appropriate learning and coaching

    Age appropriate learning and coaching

    Modern Learning Studio - Coached by experienced and qualified trainers

    Coached by experienced and qualified trainers

    Modern Learning Studio - High result learning methods

    High result learning methods

    Modern Learning Studio - Homework Support

    Homework Support

    Modern Learning Studio - Kids Library

    Kids Library

    Modern Learning Studio - Positive Parenting Centre

    Positive Parenting Centre

  • Our exciting workshops

    Provides guaranteed results

  • Learning Adventure Holiday Camp

    Holiday Camp for Children

    “Giving every child such an amazing experience they can’t wait to come back!”
    Spending the holidays with us means children get to: develop new skills, make new friends, try new activities and most of all have FUN!!!

    With over 80+ activities including: Lego Builders, Cooking, fencing, clay model making, dance and drama there are plenty of activities to keep children entertained.

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