• Public speaking & Communication skills for children

    Helping students find their voices



    Certified program of over 10,000 hours from which 500 students within the last year have successfully completed.


  • Every child has a dream, every child has a message and every child is our future. Slowly holding their hands, we guide them to speak confidently and express themselves on stage.
    When they are on stage, they share with us their dreams, they share with us their message and share with us their future.
    Modern learning studio presents to you our kids public speaking program and we are delighted to have touched the lives of many children through our programs

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    We bring you a special program public speaking training for kids.

    The best opportunity for the kids to learn this communication skills to improve the confident level on stage, in front of audience and for the better future.

    Let them be confident on stage!

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  • What We Do

    The course serves the best opportunity for the kids to learn to:

    • Speech Linguistic Patterns :-Learn public speaking techniques from MLS containing over 1000's of techniques on body language, voice, emotions, and speech crafting.
    • Confidence :- speak with confidence and clarity Increase self- esteem, overcome stage fear and shyness , Unleash your children’s inner courage and confidence to speak!
    • Life Skills Development- Drama, Debating and Leadership skills Learn a unique powerful life skill speech every week!
    • Live Presentations:- Use gestures and body language ,Watch your children present live to you and strangers on the stage every month
    • Experienced Trainers:-Learn from our team of highly experienced and qualified trainers

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    Practical components will include opportunities to:

    • Participate in real studio broadcasting
    • Attend formal public debates
    • Take part in  audience debates and Kids radio shows .
    • Professionally record student-written speeches at a recording studio (professional voice coaching included)
    • Present newly honed debating/presentation skills at various open-houses.
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    Get your child involved in a Public Speaking class today!  Watch their confidence grow and communication become effective. If you need more information about our classes get in touch with one of our assistants

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